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B1 Flame Retardant Snap Frames - 32 mm DIN A0 (841x1188 mm)

B1 Flame Retardant Snap Frames - 32 mm DIN A0 (841x1188 mm)
B1 Flame Retardant Snap Frames - 32 mm DIN A0 (841x1188 mm)

Poster Frame flame resistant, B1-compliant materials - equipped with a fireproof cover poster and a rear panel made of galvanized sheet metal. 

* Rear wall of the folding frame is galvanized sheet steel
* Poster cover made of flame resistant plastic
* All materials compliant fire protection class B1
* 32 mm aluminum clamping profile for all formats
* Each poster frame is individually packaged in a carton including fastening materials (screws, dowels)
* For poster cover a 1mm thick, flame-retardant film is used.

In this frame materials used in accordance with the fire protection classification B1, therefore considered low flammability.  This specific poster frames also respect  environment.

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  • Model: PFSS 32 084118 SP
  • Weight: 7.80kg
  • Dimensions: 90.00cm x 127.00cm x 3.00cm
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