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Acrylic Brochure Holders "Two-Tier" - 1/3 A4 ( 110mm x 210mm)

Acrylic Brochure Holders "Two-Tier" - 1/3 A4 ( 110mm x 210mm)
Acrylic Brochure Holders "Two-Tier" - 1/3 A4 ( 110mm x 210mm)
* These free-standing clear acrylic brochure holders are a classy model
for freestanding acryl displays and crafted well.
* Each unit includes an angled-back design, for optimal view of your
printed materials
* The base of this literature holder are designed to provide the best
support for perfect and stable stand of the product.
* The high back ensures that your literature will not flop over!
* These acrylic brochure holders are suitable to sit on a counter,
reception desk or to use in retail shops.
* The slant back design with extended side panel supports ensures also
your "slim" sized literature remains upright and stands out on
* Crystal clear acrylic material
* Long-lasting
* High quality, sturdy, attractive desktop brochure holders.
* Brochure Holder – Single pocket and multiple pockets are available
upon request.
* Screen Print or Full Color Stickers application of your Company Logo,
Slogan or Message on any of these brochure holders is available upon
* If our models do not meet your particular needs, custom sizes and
designs of the acrylic brochure holders can be manufactured.

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